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Each individual is just that and therefore needs to be treated as such. You are a unique being and we will ensure your wellness program is tailored specifically for you. Our one-to-one coaching plan will take you through a thorough assessment protocol covering several interconnected aspects. It delves into your posture, core strength, specific movement patterns, muscle balance as well as assessing your physical, chemical, emotional and environmental stresses in the system which can greatly impact on the style of physical training that is appropriate for you.



A dream of ours at Balanced studio is to educate our clients that movement is not just an obligation to turn up to 2-3 classes per week and your done, movement should spill into your everyday life as much as possible, we want people to become more aware of their bodies in a day to day interaction and for people to build a relationship with their bodies and inner systems. As a population we all need to move more and move more efficiently with freedom and with greater pleasure.



Each season we run a week long programme designed with the season in mind! Details on each intensive are circulated to our community so be sure to sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye on our social media for upcoming events, dates and details.


We host a range of workshops and events through the studio, that give our community the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and experience in wellness. Workshops are often hosted by some of Nic's teachers and associates who have an in depth knowledge on specific areas of the human condition such as gut health, meditation, permaculture, and much more.

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