From the youth in our hearts
We never miss the suns first smile
No one owns it like surya’s style
Watching the end of the world turn from grey to pink
You’d have to wonder
How does it all link
Never mind too many words
It’s more than enough to just feel
This morning is ours
We’ve nothing to conceal
Who’s to say that a souls desire may or may not be the truth
It’s up to us to let creativity flow into use
To seize this opportunity and jump into the elixir
Dolphining under the peelers, feeling her energy mixture
Harness the bowl as you slide down the face
Here is the view that you insatiably chase
Dragging your body into the wall
slowing down just enough to see the 1ness in all
The vision of the light pricing through heaven and earth
you speed up to revisit the this time of worth
Back on the rocks
Sprinting up the track
You watch sleepy souls who’ve no idea of the rocks we stack
Grateful for all of it, brothers and sisters who understand
What a blessing it is to live on this beautiful land.


Space and light
Boundless insight
Creative juices dripping
co-creating and living
Wearing the worlds sadness
Unifying all hearts gladness
Effervescent souls mistaken for madness
Wading away from suffering slavery
Choosing uncertainty joyous and bravery
Making love with a smile in your eye
Relieving tension with a deep sigh
A slab of ocean
broke your heart wide open
Rawness high voltage set it in motion
Once your on the ride you never step off
Allowing your body to trust and be soft.
Trusting infinite creativity
Beyond known ability
Reaching into what’s for all
Fearing less from the inevitable fall
With Growth comes flow
from there freedom glows
Symbiotic and ageless
In motion
in harmony
this will barely be a memory
not to know but living with curiosity


Freedom is what a wise man sought
As you showed us, it cannot be bought
Some of us search for it through highs and thrills
You made it your life on top of the hill
Now your immortal
Your soul forever in the reef
When an empty tube rolls in, we'll feel you glide by, in deep peace
You were a grumpy old bugger when the ocean was flat, but your face would always light up when we'd stop by for a chat
The softness in your touch as you'd spoil our dog
The unmistakeable sillouette climbing out through the morning fog
A gentle natured man, love pouring out from your deeds
sharing happiness and stoke one of his only simple needs
You had the right idea to live your life by the sea
Working for the man, hardly a priority
A cheeky grin forever taking the piss
Even at my expense, it's something I'll truely miss
You've gone out on top, just yesterday I saw you get a tube
And by all reports you were in a contented mood
We are all happy for you mate, it's the way you wanted to go
So much love for you mate, I hope you know
Well miss all of it, the banter, the lectures and the hoot after a beautiful ride
When we paddle out the reef, in our hearts you will forever reside.


Good morning my love
In my dream you were a flying dove
Peaceful , wise and real
We were still together in another dimension but I could still feel
I woke up feeling you in my soul , my head and my bones
I woke up smelling you in my clothes
I walk down in the dark
feeling your warmth in my heart
I feel you growing on your own
I'm missing you but I'm not alone
You are with me,
As I jump in the ocean
As I watch the stars
Each cuppa Joe
As I drive in your car
Every long cuddle with jack, he crawls closer to me in the sack
He knows I like the warmth of family
But not to always be in others company


Lightening striking
Perfectly aligning
I know this is the day
It's all to do with timing
Straight in the spot, my mind is lost
To be your best has no cost
But to sit in the corner like a wilting flower
Moving from fear away from raw power
Costs a lifetime of belief
of commitments to inner peace
The chance to stand up to your self
And throw it all in the open
With nothing spare
Total exposure
Clinging on to composure
Reactions create certainty
From the bodies positivity
Let go and drive down
Into the centre of the universe, where time means little, just about as much as you and mans frailty
This is where you know the truth
Inside something so big and blue
Maximum driving through hyperspace
Coiled up body fitting the shape
That the mother has so selflessly has given us to play with
Leave it up to chance and trust and faith
Do your best in the moment and what ever else it takes
Find reserves of power you never knew you had
After the final hour walk away and be glad
Your humanity has been expressed and nothing Less
You've been a part of raw beauty, natures finesse
How good to be alive and how lucky to feel
In this dream that where all in, something tells me it's real
Until next time, use the lessons as gifts
Strive forward with the heart and ride this energetic lift

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