Holistic Movement & Lifestyle Coaching

Balanced Studio is a conscious business dedicated to sharing knowledge and inspiring individuals to step into the best versions of themselves.



A conscious space that provides a beautiful opportunity to rest, recover, recharge and build energy to be feeling your best. 


Awesome self is a 6 week online Movement Course.


Step into your most awesome self! Improve strength, Mobility, Fluidity, Coordination and use your body as an instrument to do more of the things you love.


The course is about movement, however it’s bigger than this, the practice that you will come away with will enable to become more grounded, healthy and happy.

We believe that movement is an expression of what your body is capable of, Movement should be creative, challenging and most definitely it should be fun.

“Nic is one of the most enthusiastic and positive people I’ve ever met. Just being in his presence leaves you feeling uplifted, so when you combine this exuberance with his holistic knowledge of the physiological, nutritional, psychological and spiritual elements it takes to thrive, you have a coach of the highest order at your disposal.”


– Gary Gorrow, Vedic meditation teacher and mentor